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How to Write a Descriptive Essay About Holidays: Tips and Pieces of Advice

Do you have a task to write an essay about your holidays? Do you have any idea how to write it? In case you do not, you have come to a right place! You are lucky because in this article you will read a lot of useful information that will definitely help to write a proper essay for your teacher.

Refresh Your Memories

It is more than obvious that you need to remember your holidays in order to write about them. That way, it is crucial to refresh your memories from those sunny and hot days. If you want to write a big and interesting essay, you have to try to remind at least every week of your holidays. Remind where you were in the beginning of your summer. Maybe you were in the cinema watching a fascinating movie or went to the forest to have a picnic. Remember what books you have read during summer. Every piece of information will be useful for you in creating a good essay.

Additional Tip

It is a perfect idea to create a diary. The matter is that you will describe every day in a really emotional way and you can even read something pleasant. So, that can not only be useful for your essay, but for your mood. However, there is a risk to have summertime sadness. No matter what, go to a shop and buy a note you like the most. On the contrary, you can create a special notebook using various colorful tapes and stickers. That way, the diary will become a wonderful memory about your summer.

Additional tip #2

Take a lot of photos. Seriously, it is a cool idea to have memories. We advise you to take a photo of every summer day. Believe, you will remember so much more while reviewing photos than while trying to refresh some pictures from your memory. It is perfect if you plan some extraordinary shooting as the result is always amazing. So, take your phone or a friend with camera and go creating memories.

Organize Working Place

Scientists say that a person cannot create something great if a working surface is untidy and uncomfortable. That is why it is crucial to organize a good working place. Firstly, clean surface from dust and trash. Secondly, take off things which have no connection with writing essays and will only disturb you. Thirdly, prepare some chocolate or sweets as your brain needs it while working. If you keep a healthy diet, water is a perfect substitute. Lastly, bring something that inspires you and makes you happier. That can be a photo or a plant, for example.

Have a Rest Before Working

You are going to write an essay, what means that your brains will work hard. That is why you have to sit or lay down and close your eyes. It will be good if you are in a quiet place with a closed door and windows. Try not to think at least for 30 seconds. If you stay in a quiet and tidy room, your brain’s activity raises up and you are more likely to write something awesome.  

The Beginning

As a rule, the beginning is the same in most cases. You can write that summer is a great time, especially for students as they have their summer holidays. Mention that they can do whatever they want and list down the activities, adding some details about each (“Some people love the feeling when they swim in a warm water and blue waves hold them gently as if the sea is hugging them.”). Then write that you want to tell some words about your summer holidays.

The Main Body

This part you have to write according to the order of events. Here is a list of things you have to mention there and some tips on how to write essay easily.

  • Order of events. It is a bad idea to write about visiting grandparents in July and then swimming in the local aqua park in June. Every event has to be in order. That means that it will be better to read about summer from its beginning till the end without jumping in time. Unless you own a time travelling machine, of course.
  • Specific dates. Use real dates to give a clear picture of events. For example, write that you had a sleepover on the 15 of August instead of writing “sometimes in mid-August.”
  • Places. It is obvious that you have to write about real and specific places, not that you were somewhere on the Earth. What is more, the type of your essay requires you to describe places you have been to. For example, instead of writing “A big building” you can write “A large dark building with high windows and wonderful balconies. I also liked these beautiful flowers near the main entrance.” Agree that it is more interesting to read a fascinating description than the first variant.
  • Weather. It is not an important part in essay, but by describing the weather you can add extra words that will never be superfluous. Write how you like summer weather as there is a possibility to go swimming and it is a perfect time to eat ice cream. Do not be shy to add some words that will complete your essay and make a reader feel nostalgic. That can bring you an extra point.
  • Vacation. If you are lucky and had an opportunity to travel to the seashore, you have to include this into your essay. There are some tips for you about how it will be better to describe your vacation so that all the details are included, but will not overwhelm the reader.

Firstly, write about your preparation to the trip. Specify, how long you have been waiting for this, how you dreamt about this trip and so on. Then, you can say what clothes you chose for your trip. It would be great if you mention why you decided to choose a light T-shirt or sandals and describe how you imagined you will be wearing them while watching the sea. Thirdly, describe your feeling while traveling. That means, share your emotions while sitting on the plane or spending hours in a car. Next, mention the hotel. Say about conveniences there, if there is a swimming pool and a gym. Let the reader know what special food you ate. Be sure, it will be interesting for somebody to read this if described well.

  • New meetings. Summer is a perfect time to find friends. So, tell everyone who is your new friend and how you met, what was the first thought you had after seeing this person. Add a few more details, by describing the appearance of the friend and what you found special about their behavior.
  • Views and nature. Who does not like nature? Try to describe as much as possible. For example, you can write that you saw wonderful mountains covered with a green forest and magic atmosphere. People like this.

The Last Paragraph

If you came up to this section, you are lucky as it is the last part. All you have to do is to show that you miss your summer but now you are ready for some new adventures and a new study year. You see, it is not the most difficult part of writing an essay.


After finishing your essay it is crucial to read it once more as you can find some mistakes and you can fix them easily. You can also add a detail you suddenly remembered …or imagined, because who said it should all be true.


Now, when you have a perfect essay, be sure that you will succeed. Good luck!

Crédito rápido con asnef

Podemos distinguir la prestamos rapidos con asnef y estos que tienen todas las posibilidades de ser doblegados en ausencia de una afirmación.

Lo que hay que señalar, por lo tanto, en este caso, es que los simples se consideran una cantidad rápida con la promoción, y también una cantidad individual con una minoría en la negociación.

Si podemos pensar en los financiadores que tienen todas las posibilidades de firmar la suma en ausencia de la afirmación de asnef, me doy cuenta de que prácticamente todos, sin excepción, no completan la mayoría de los 5.

En tal caso, es deprimente, pero dado en tal caso, lo que existe actualmente.

A pesar de que en este caso, los préstamos en la base de datos de inversión directa se consideran préstamos simples, con el fin de salir del comercio, incluso sienten problemas si la conversación se trata de la capacidad de proporcionar absolutamente todos los compradores.

Las solicitudes de cualquier persona varían mucho con el compañero, por esta razón, la necesidad económica de tratar de acomodar el préstamo, así como lo más cerca posible de las condiciones en las que residen.

Y esto es difícil, especialmente si los compradores desean comprar este subsidio a través de cantidades individuales.

Préstamos alrededor garantía y alrededor garantía

Son simples, si informan los préstamos, para salir del comercio.

Las garantías aplicadas por los compradores, suceden de los tipos distintos, a pesar de que además debe entenderse claramente que no todas las firmas económicas sin excepción las reciben en la propiedad de la concesión.

No vamos a explicar de ninguna manera los diversos tipos de órganos económicos individuales, que dan estas cantidades, pero por ejemplo para usted, que por lo general cualquiera con su objetivo en 1 garantía.

Algunos de los datos de las firmas individuales de accionistas se concentran en la firma de los préstamos de garantía, otros, de otro lado, se sienten atraídos principalmente por los préstamos de automóviles en general, otros tienen todas las posibilidades de realizar las afirmaciones más “únicas”, como las torres, las Creaciones del arte …

Pocas personas tienen exactamente la cantidad de los financiadores en estas opciones, si los compradores tienen todas las posibilidades de proporcionar diferentes con los datos de la fianza.

Y es evidente que el C-debido a la gran cantidad de gestión que los financiadores están obligados a llevar a cabo en cualquiera de los datos de acción.

La liquidación de un préstamo rápido con el apoyo de asnef no se realiza de ninguna manera desde el día 1 al día siguiente, en caso de que también difieren en las garantías de esto, que el consumidor es capaz de proporcionar el trabajo económico, se convertirá en 2 una vez.

How to start a business in Slovakia

Are you fed up of pressure from the boss? Do you want to organize your time better? In short, have you decided to be yourself a boss? In this case, you are certainly thinking about setting up your own business. It’s not as demanding as it may seem at first glance. De facto, this is a fairly simple process. It is important to have a good idea that you want to break through and, of course, enough start-up capital to start the project. The third crucial thing is to have enough patience. You will need it until things are settled in place and the project will start.

How to establish s.r.o.

A very popular form of company establishment is a limited liability company (s.r.o.) It is a business through a legal entity. Business (operated by natural persons) is the second most common way of doing business in Slovakia . This is a more complex issue, and we will try to summarize the basic steps you need to take from the foundation to the birth of s.r.o. Writing the founding documents is a basic step. This is followed by the proof of non-indebtedness

with regard to the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Company. Obtaining Trades Licensing. Repayment of registered capital. Submission of the application for registration in the Commercial Register and finally the registration in the Commercial Register. S.r.o. must have a minimum capital of EUR 5 000. The minimum deposit is 750 euros. Founding s.r.o. company takes about two to three weeks. The necessity is to have a physical address or virtual location.

Purchase of ready made company will make your life easier

The whole process can greatly facilitate your purchase of ready made company s.r.o. The transfer takes about 14 days, but the client can already have a business with the company as if it were his or her business and deal with it. These are companies that were established solely for the purpose of selling them to clients and never carried on any business activity. They have no business history of liabilities, claims, and have paid-up share capital. Companies are already registered at the Trade Register, in the Commercial Register and are also registered with the Tax Office. Opening a bank account is possible until the day of the company’s overwriting. VAT registration in Slovakia is a process that takes about 45 days, but the Tax Office can set up a security of up to EUR 500,000 if it considers the client to be a risk. For this purpose, we recommend buying a ready made company that already has a VAT registration. You can start a business with a Slovak ready-made company within a few hours. You save a lot of time and also nerves and energy because you avoid a lengthy deal. Is not that amazing?