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8 Things To Test When Building New Landing Pages

1. Auto-Play Flash Animation

There are a number of tests you can do before building a landing page for B2B. One of the important ones which affect conversion is auto-play flash animation. You should create two pages, one with auto play while the other one plays only when the user does. You will find a huge difference. Auto play animation is more helping and increases conversion up to 40%. 

2. Sign-up Page with Privacy Guarantee

Another test you should perform for landing pages is to start showing data privacy messages. Users, these days, care a lot about the data and their privacy. That is why such a test is crucial to determine how it affects the conversion rate. People who performed this test found out that sign-up pages with privacy guarantee generated more sales and improved the conversion rate too. 

3. Build Trusted Landing Pages for Industries 

Building industry specific landing pages is one of the useful options for any business. However, it requires skills and a lot of time. But testing such landing pages is of great importance. You should go with this idea and offer separate landing pages for different industries. Users should be given options to choose from so that they can make the best use of the landing page. 

4. Test Long-Form Vs Short Form

When it comes to building landing pages, the long and short forms are used. Both have their pros and cons. But in our case, which one is more suitable will be revealed at the end. People generated pages with long list of details. They also created short forms with specific requirements. They noticed the short form pages generated 16% more sales. That is how you should test when building landing pages. 

5. Add Testimonials to Your Homepage

Testimonials are used a lot these days. They provide detailed information about the business, products or services. This is an interesting idea to test when you are creating landing pages. Add the testimonials to your homepage and learn how it affects the conversion or sales. People who did this test found out that testimonials had a big impact on the sales as they experienced 34% increase in conversion rate.

6. Include Social Proofs for Leads 

There are no limits when it comes to experimenting with the landing pages. Users should test the social proof when they are building a landing page. You can create two versions, one with the social profiles and the other one without the proofs. You will learn which kind of impact it has on your sales. 

7. Male Image Vs Female Image on Landing Page

Using male and female images for showing some offers on the landing pages is normal. DHL Express tested this and the results opened their eyes. They created two versions with male and female images. The landing page with female image generated 108% more sales and boosted the confidence level of the business by 95%. This is how you should make tweaks to your strategies.

8. Visualise Live Activity
You can visualise activity of users on your new or existing landing pages with a service such as Full Story. They have a reasonable free plan otherwise you can find solid lead forensics alternatives in the market for affordable website visitor tracking as well as activities.