How to start a business in Slovakia

Are you fed up of pressure from the boss? Do you want to organize your time better? In short, have you decided to be yourself a boss? In this case, you are certainly thinking about setting up your own business. It’s not as demanding as it may seem at first glance. De facto, this is a fairly simple process. It is important to have a good idea that you want to break through and, of course, enough start-up capital to start the project. The third crucial thing is to have enough patience. You will need it until things are settled in place and the project will start.

How to establish s.r.o.

A very popular form of company establishment is a limited liability company (s.r.o.) It is a business through a legal entity. Business (operated by natural persons) is the second most common way of doing business in Slovakia . This is a more complex issue, and we will try to summarize the basic steps you need to take from the foundation to the birth of s.r.o. Writing the founding documents is a basic step. This is followed by the proof of non-indebtedness

with regard to the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Company. Obtaining Trades Licensing. Repayment of registered capital. Submission of the application for registration in the Commercial Register and finally the registration in the Commercial Register. S.r.o. must have a minimum capital of EUR 5 000. The minimum deposit is 750 euros. Founding s.r.o. company takes about two to three weeks. The necessity is to have a physical address or virtual location.

Purchase of ready made company will make your life easier

The whole process can greatly facilitate your purchase of ready made company s.r.o. The transfer takes about 14 days, but the client can already have a business with the company as if it were his or her business and deal with it. These are companies that were established solely for the purpose of selling them to clients and never carried on any business activity. They have no business history of liabilities, claims, and have paid-up share capital. Companies are already registered at the Trade Register, in the Commercial Register and are also registered with the Tax Office. Opening a bank account is possible until the day of the company’s overwriting. VAT registration in Slovakia is a process that takes about 45 days, but the Tax Office can set up a security of up to EUR 500,000 if it considers the client to be a risk. For this purpose, we recommend buying a ready made company that already has a VAT registration. You can start a business with a Slovak ready-made company within a few hours. You save a lot of time and also nerves and energy because you avoid a lengthy deal. Is not that amazing?

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