Taking Care of the Drive of the Air Conditioner

Finally, the drive belt is also subject to wear. Depending on the type of belt, a falling air conditioner is the least problem in the case of a torn timing belt. When water pump, alternator and in the worst case also the valve control via the same belt happen, there is a risk of serious engine damage in the event of a rupture. Here only helps a timely replacement according to maintenance schedule. You can take care of the air con with the help of Eurohub AirconPte Ltd.

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What you can repair yourself on an air conditioner

To ensure the proper functioning of air-conditioning permanently, numerous maintenance work is necessary. You can carry out a large part of it yourself and thus save a lot of money for garage costs. We inform you of the most common maintenance steps, on the basis of which you can decide yourself what you entrust to yourself.

Beginner level

Replace the filter and clean the air conditioner

Air conditioning operation the air conditioning must be thoroughly cleaned at the latest every two years. This also includes the replacement of the pollen filter. The location of the pollen filter can be found in the manual. Usually it is a long, narrow box, directly under the windshield. A pollen filter is usually easily accessible. For the opening of the housing and the disassembly of the filter you usually do not need any or very simple tools. Before you replace the pollen filter with a new filter element, you must first clean the ventilation ducts. The retail trade offers various solutions for this, such as disinfectant foam and interior nebulizer. The disinfection foam is sprayed directly into the inlet ducts of the interior ventilation. The interior nebulizer is placed behind the driver’s seat. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Disinfection with cleaning foam

Before you disinfect the inlet channels, first dry the evaporator thoroughly this part cannot be seen, but only with the aid of the blower and the heating to dry. To do this, turn the air conditioning on, the heating is completely open, you let the air circulate and the engine runs for 10 minutes. Then your evaporator should be dry. With the use of the good at aircon servicing singapore the options get the best.

Air conditioning test now spray the cleaning foam generously into all channels that you can see from the opened pollen filter box. Use at least half a spray can before it. In this case: The more the better.

Then start the engine again and turn on the blower fully. However, switch off the heating and air conditioning. Change the direction of the blower every three minutes. When footwall, headroom and windows are fully ventilated for three minutes, repeat the procedure. Now use the rest of the spray can and let all the channels blow through again. Install the new pollen filter, close the housing and you’re done.

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